LaBella Lui (Him) Collection "6 pc Boxi-Vibe For Men" LIMITED TIME OFFER FREE COLONGE ROLL-ON

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This Wood Sage & Sea Salt scent will be irresistible. The aroma smells like an escape every day along the windswept shore. Waves breaking white, the air fresh with sea salt and spray.

LaBella Lui (, LaBella Lui (
The mineral scent of rugged cliffs mingled with earthy sage. LaBella Lui (
100% Vegan & Natural. No Colorants, nor Preservatives.  LaBella Lui (
~ Body Butter
~ Body Wash
~Tea Tree & Lavender Shave Cream with a Castille Soap Base
~White Tea & Ginger Coconut Candle
~Car Fragrance Spritzer LaBella Lui (
~Roll on Cologne Oil ( Free gift for a limited time)
~Car Sprintzer
ATTENTION DISCLAIMER; During the summer we send your body butter& shave cream on ice, but we cannot guarantee it will not be melted.  You cannot get a refund for melted body butter.  Simply keep it in your refrigerator FOR 24-48 HOURS the body butter will turn from liquid back to butter. LaBella Lui (

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LaBella Vibes' top goal is your wellness, which includes your happiness. That is, we stand behind our product completely. We will go to any length to assure your satisfaction. Simply contact us since we are here to help! 100% Happiness Guaranteed.

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