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Furious Five "Winter Pure Grade Essential Pak"

"Winter Pure Grade Essential Pak"

Furious Five "Winter Pure Grade Essential Pak"

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"Winter Pure Grade Essential Pak"

Our Furious Five is your non-medicated alternative to aid with winter wellness.  In this harmonious pak you have the following pure grade essential oil elites; "Winter Pure Grade Essential Pak"

Organic Eucalyptus

  • Silence a cough
  • Clear your chest


  •  is thought to be suitable for detoxifying and clearing negative emotions. Because inhaling cedarwood triggers the release of serotonin in the brain, which converts to melatonin, the essential oil is known for its sedative qualities and usefulness in treating insomnia "Winter Pure Grade Essential Pak"

High Vibration "Winter Pure Grade Essential Pak"

  • Lemon is also great for the gut, so it can be a good friend if you are unfortunate enough to catch stomach flu or eat “the wrong thing” at the annual holiday party. It has also been known to ease gastric upset and lower inflammation in the digestive tract.

 "Winter Pure Grade Essential Pak", "Winter Pure Grade Essential Pak"


  • Tried and true peppermint is perhaps the best-known and most-loved essential oil out there. And when it comes to colds and flu, this is for a good reason! Like oregano, peppermint also has been found to have anti-bacterial as well as anti-viral properties.


  •  May Improve Brain Function - Improves Memory…  Diffuse during homework.

We are not medical doctors, and claims cannot always be substantiated. Use at your own risk.

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